Update: more information from inside CECC

A migrant justice advocate spoke to a detainee in CECC today and learned that the hunger strike is continuing and the striker’s demands continue to be the same.

CECC Superintendent Neil Neville has not been interacting with the detainees at all; instead, Deputy Superintendent Craig Hellin who has been communicating with CBSA and then passing information along to the detainees on strike. Mr. Hellin is the CECC official who told folks that they would soon have international calling access, a demand that has not been met.  Mr. Hellin says he will update strikers tomorrow (Wednesday) with the latest information from CBSA.

The detainee said that one individual was taken to the hospital after the first hunger strike last week. He confirmed that five out of the six immigration ranges at CECC are all participating in the strike. Each range has 32 detainees, which means there i currently a total of 160 people participating in the hunger strike.

The detainee also requested that people and activist groups contact CBSA personally with statements supporting the strike. Watch this blog for more information on how to contact CBSA.

Support the strike! Contact Deputy Superintendent Craig Hellin at 705-328-6014 and craig.hillen@ontario.ca

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