DAY 10: Its time to ACT! Support 191 migrants on strike over detention conditions! #MigrantStrike

Nearly 200 undocumented immigrants have been on strike in Lindsay prison for the last 10 days and they need your support. On Friday, September 27th, phone, email, tweet and share your support for striking immigration detainees!

These migrants are kept locked in cages for 18 hours a day, some of them for up to 7 years because Canada cannot deport them but refuses to release them. They are being punished for being arbitrarily deemed a risk, and for the crime of being born elsewhere.

But that’s not even why they are striking. In the last two months, these immigrants were shuffled from other jails in the Toronto area and moved two hours away to the Central East Correctional Center, a maximum security prison in Lindsay, Ontario. There they face lockdowns, limited access to telephones and worse food than that served to other inmates. They are being denied family and legal visits.

*** Immigration detainee Erik Kusi on strike speaks from Lindsay jail ***

Showing unbelievable courage and organizing, 191 migrant prisoners launched a strike that entered its 10th day today. For the last four days they have also been on hunger strike, yet their demands have not been met.

Here is where you come in. At 3pm on Friday, September 27th, wherever you are, take action to support this strike.


Jail Superintendent Neil Neville: 705-328-6009
Deputy Superintendent Craig Hillen: 705-328-6014
Immigration Enforcement Deputy Director Anna Guida: 905 612 6070
(Remember you can make anonymous calls from your computer: – See below for what to say)TWEET

Madeline Meilleur, Minister in-charge of provincial jails: @m_meilleur
Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety immigration enforcement: @MinStevenBlaney#MigrantStrike #CdnImm #OnPoli

Sample tweets: and


#MigrantStrike demands:
– Better access to medical care and social workers
– Cheaper phone calls and access to international calling cards (many have family overseas)
– Access to better food, like the food on the non-immigration ranges
– An end to constant lockdowns
– Keep the improved canteen program going
– Better access to legal aid and legal services
– Granting of specific requests to move individuals to facilities nearer to their families, legal resources, and social services.Be sure to also express your opposition to and desire to see an end to all detentions and deportations.

In spite of some of the most dehumanizing and isolating conditions imposed on them, these migrants have chosen to resist rather than be beaten. It is now our job to answer their call.If you are a past immigration detainee or a family member or friend of a migrant in detention, get in touch at

More information and frequent updates:

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