Strike Supporters Put Pressure on CBSA in Waterloo

On Monday, September 30th, supporters marked the 8th day of the hunger strike in Lindsay with visits to Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) offices in Guelph and Waterloo.

CBSA maintains one tiny office at the Guelph Airport, just outside of town.


We didn’t get to speak to any CBSA officials, but we took the opportunity to show off our banner:


But we decided that wasn’t enough. We decided to approach the nearest CBSA office and confront them on their failure to meet with detainees despite their promises to do so.

We arrive at the Waterloo International Airport armed with a printout of the over 750 signatures on the online petition supporting the strike.



Inside the office, we spoke with CBSA staff and a supervisor, who insisted that her office has no connection with the strike or CECC, and that the chain of command prevents her from accepting the petition or connecting with branches of the agency on our behalf. We persistently countered her attempts to redirect us further up the chain. “People are starving themselves in detention, and your agency still refuses to meet with them,” one supporter told the supervisor. “What are you going to do about it?”


Her only response was to advise us to contact CBSA spokespeople and media relations: 613-957-6500 or 1-877-761-5945 and

We can keep putting pressure on CBSA and CECC to meet the striker’s demands with our phone calls and emails. Keep calling, keep tweeting, keep emailing!

CECC Superintendent Neil Neville: 705-328-6009; Deputy Superintendent Craig Hellin: 705-328-6014

CBSA Immigration Enforcement Deputy Director Anna Guida: 905 612 6070,

Madeline Meilleur, Minister in-charge of CECC: @m_meilleur

Steven Blaney, Minister in-charge of Immigration Enforcement: @MinStevenBlaney

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