CHRY 105.5 FM – News Now Community News Collective: Lindsay Detainee Strike, Free Tarek and John & ‘Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf’

York Community Report: News Now’s Christian Deo speaks to Dr. Craig Heron about the Day of Concern at York for Professor John Greyson and London physician Tarek Loubani on Thursday, Sept. 26th. Learn more at:

Feature Interview: Joanna Beaton & Meghan MacRae sat down with Syed Hussan with No One is Illegal Toronto to speak about the protest actions that nearly 200 immigration detainees in Lindsay Ontario’s Central East Correctional Centre began on Tuesday, September 18th against conditions of their detention. The detainees were recently moved from other prisons in the Greater Toronto Area, about two hours away, and have lost touch with families and legal support as a result. Learn more at and follow @nooneisillegal on Twitter for updates.

Independent Arts Report: Joanna Beaton & Meghan MacRae interview co-authors Saiya Miller & Liza Bley of the Sex Ed comic book “Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf”. The comic brings together a selection of personal accounts via comic art by various artists addressing sex and sexuality as well as introductory writing and drawings by the co-authors. Learn more at:

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