#Migrantstrike Immigration detainee Azuka Abagbodi speaks on his current status in Lindsay

This interview was recorded on Thursday October 10th and features Azuka Abagbodi, an immigration detainee originally from Nigeria. In this interview, Azuka speaks on his decision to start again on another hunger strike this upcoming monday. Also touched on, is his desire for Canada to implement a 90 day policy on indefinite detention as well as his opinion on the detention hearings that currently take place when one is held as an immigration detainee.


Azuka Abagbodi arrived to Canada as a refugee and had been living and working in Canada as a permanent resident for several years. He was detained after CBSA informed him that he had “failed to comply” to the interviews that he was mandated to attend following a prior conviction for which he had already served a sentence. However, Mr. Abagbodi maintains that he has never missed a meeting and that his wife is able to proove this. To this date, CBSA has not allowed her to speak at a single hearing.

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