#MigrantStrike DETAINEES LOCKED IN SEGREGATION! 100 calls to free them!

End solitary confinement- action buttonTwo more #MigrantStrike participants, Nosakhare Osunbar and Azuka Abagbodi, have been locked into segregation for their resistance to prison conditions and indefinite detention. We now know of one individual who has been on hunger strike for 27 days and another for 9 days, both are vomiting blood while being held in segregation. We have severe concerns for their well-being. Prison authorities are moving swiftly and brutally to isolate, segregate and punish migrant detainees who are striking for justice and dignity. Listen to one of the detainees here, recorded prior his placement in segregation:  http://wp.me/p3Wfh5-7r

We MUST act now!

We need 100 phone calls TODAY to Provincial Corrections Minister Madeleine Meilleur demanding that striking migrant detainees be released from segregation, their rights be respected and their demands be met.

CALL NOW: 416-325-0408

Do not wait! This is urgent,  detainees  are dying!!!  It is critical that the striking migrants know that they are not alone. Let us know here when you have called: 

Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and Ontario Correctional Services has come under extreme scrutiny for misusing segregation and solitary confinement against prisoners resulting in various tragedies including the death of Ashley Smith. The Ontario Ministry just signed a human rights settlement for detaining Christina Jahn for more than 200 days in segregation rather than providing her care. Canada’s correctional investigator, Howard Sapers, told CBC News he has”serious concerns” about the overuse of segregation, its impact on vulnerable prisoners and ultimately on rehabilitation and public safety.”Segregation is an inappropriate way to deal with prison population management pressures. The law requires that the Correctional Service of Canada use the least restrictive means of custody, the least restrictive means necessary in terms of managing risk,” he said. Yet #MigrantStrike participants are facing just that.

Over 191 immigration detainees began #MigrantStrike on September 17th to improve prison conditions and  to put an end to immigration detention. Though many have been forced off hunger strike, a number of detainees are continuing to starve themselves to be heard. Read more about their case and sign the petition at: http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/meet-the-demands-of-striking-immigration-detainees-migrantstrike

More information: www.endimmigrationdetention.wordpress.com
#MigrantStrike | http://bit.ly/MigrantStrike

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