Amin Mjasiri speaks about Day 26 of his hunger strike from inside segregation

Amin Mjasiri called October 19th.
Facing deportation too Kenya-Tanzania
Has been in immigration detention for 28 months.


“Right now me and a couple other detainees here on immigration are on our 26th day of hunger strike and basically we are undeportable. Me personally have been detained for 28 months.”

“Basicly I am being detained indefinitely.”

“They have kept us in segregation we have been here a week and a day. 8 days.”

“I came here weighing 180 and when we started the hunger strike now I weigh 140.”

“I’m not from Tanzania….The chances of them getting the travel documents back to Tanzania Theyve had 28 months and I’m still here detained. Plus, I have a wife in Canada and a 3 year old son who is going to be 6 next month, so I have missed three of his birthdays.”

“Their argument is that the fact that they want to monitor us in segregation. For me though, maybe it’s speculation or an assumption, it’s to divide us. When we started the hunger strike it was 180 of us plus. Then when the numbers dwindled they started segregated the few. They say ohhh because of the length and the duration of the hunger strike, they want to monitor us so they have us in segregation. And the irony is in segregation, we went six days without being able to take a shower. We are unable to communicate using the phone and our laundry….basically it has even got worse.”

“We are getting punished without a misconduct or nothing.”

“The reason for my hunger-strike is indefinite detention, the uncertainty of the outcome of whether it is going to be deportation or release.”

“What I found out about immigration Canada is they claim its not indefinite, although there immigration hold has no time duration.”

“Immigration is not in a position to punish me. Immigration is punishing me right now. Because to them they say this is not a punishment, then what am I doing in a maximum security for 28 months. 28 months of my life, you could not give that back to me. Even if you were going to deport me right now. You could not give that back to me.”

“My hunger-strike is till you either deport me or release me, because this is ridiculous.”

“I missed three of my sons birthdays, I missed three anniversaries with my wife….I can not see myself here being detained indefinitely and thinking about them. That will drive me crazy. So I have to keep it out of sight and out of mind. How inhumane is that. I am a father and I am a husband. Should I even be allowed to feel like this.”

“For immigration Canada I am a flight risk because I have a wife and a son. How does that make me a flight risk.”

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