#migrantstrike Martin Sisay and Lynval Daley speak about being on hunger strike, in segregation and resistance

Martin Sisay and Lynval Daley. Interviewed October 19th
On Immigration Hold for 28 Months
detained by Immigration Canada


“I have been on segregation for 10 days now and been on hunger-strike for 28 days. I have been in Lindsay for 28 months.”

“The Toronto Bail Program has been recommended by the members of Immigration. The Toronto Bail Program is saying that Immigration needs to okay the bail.”

“I haven’t eaten one meal, every meal has been pushed out.”

“ I have a minor criminal record in Canada, possession simple possession and obstruction of justice. This is all the criminal record I have in Canada, and it’s been 28 months [in provincial maximum security prison on immigration hold].”

“I am pleading for the Canadian public to help in this situation and you know its not just me in here.”

“This hunger strike we are going to keep this up, we are going to keep it up. If it means 100 days we are going to do it, because we need our freedom. If Canada can not get us out of Canada, they need to release us.”

“We are taking a stand. We want Immigration to know whats going on. We want the public to contact Immigration Canada. We need the Canadian public to put pressure on the Immigration minister so they can stop this lengthy and cruel and unusual detentions.”

“People have been here waiting to get on a flight for 32 months to get on a flight. I have been waiting for 28 months to get on a flight I have no criminal [charges].”

“There is people in this jail detained right now under the Immigration Act, and they have been waiting for over 40 months. So when is this going to stop. We need the Canadian public and we need as much as help as we can get out there, media to pressure the Canadian Government to stop these cruel and unusual detentions. It’s not right. This is a violation of our human rights.”

“The media is putting coverage on jail conditions. We are not fighting for jail conditions. We are fighting for our freedom, for our lives out there. We have family, we have kids in Canada that cannot see us because we have been detained for 28 months, 32 months. This is what we are fighting for. We could care less about the jail conditions. First of all, we shouldn’t be in jail never mind the condition. This is indefinite hold. This is illegal.”

“This should be illegal, you cannot take me to my country, you can’t put me in jail. This is indefinite detention.”

“We have families man, we have Canadian citizens. Our kids were born in this land. Yes I have a family, I have a daughter who is a four year old Canadian citizen. Her name is Amie Mina-Sisay. They live in Richmond Hill, Ontario.”

“Canadian citizens need to know what the government is doing. Why we are here and what we are doing in here. This is not right, this is injustice. I speak for everyone here.”

“There’s at least six people that are currently on hunger strike for 28 days. There’s going to be more people because people are very frustrated. People are frustrated with the system.”

“We are not giving up. We are not giving up. We will keep on this hunger strike as long as it takes.”

“We need awareness we need you guys to keep supporting us, supporting us even more every day.”

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