#migrantstrike Amin Mjasiri and Lynval Daley enter their 50th day on Hunger strike

Today marks the 50th day that Amin Mjasiri and Lynval Daley have been on hunger strike in order to protest their indefinite immigration detention. Both have also been in segregation for the past 31 days as punishment for their striking. Despite this, Public safety Minister Steve Blaney has still not made a statement in regards to their hunger strike.

In the following interviews Amin Mjasiri and Lynval Daley talk about their conditions in segregation, the treatment by the guards and their ongoing struggles with the immigration system while in jail.


“ I have lost 42 pounds. I was at 180 pounds, now I am at 138 pounds.

“This [segregation] is a place they bring you if you are disorderly, or on a misconduct, or your a problem. But to them, their reasoning is to monitor our health when in reality I would question that because our health and security is in a situation where it is right from the frying pan and into the fire. We were better off where we were on the immigration range.”

“About a week and a half ago somebody started a fire. Why are we put in that and then you say it is to monitor our security and our health.”



“On September 9th I got weighed and I weighed 250 now I’m down to 210, that’s quite a bit of weight there, and I’m getting light-headed I’m getting dizzy. I find myself a little bit off balance so I try to sleep to conserve my energy. Keep my head up and hope for change.”

“I moved here when I was 7. I don’t know anything of Jamaica; it is just a place on a map. Jamaica will not recognize me as a citizen because I have not been there for so long. I never went to school in Jamaica, never went to church in Jamaica, don’t have a doctor in Jamaica. I don’t have nothing in Jamaica everything I have is in Canada. Canada has been my home; Jamaica recognized Canada as m y home. I don’t know what else to tell immigration to let them know what they are doing is wrong.”

“I have two kids one that is 19 and my daughter’s 26. I have a grandson who is 8. My grandson keeps asking for his grandfather and my kids don’t want to tell him any lies. So that’s difficult to do, it’s difficult what my kids are going through”

“I have no charges, I try to explain to them I have no prior charges. I’ve gone to work all my life I’ve paid my bills.”

“I was brought down to segregation. I’ve been down here 31 days. It’s not a nice place. They said they were bringing us down here to monitor us by the doctor. That’s not why they brought us here. We do not see the doctor’s that they said we would see, we are locked up most of the time. The guards don’t give us the beverages that we need. When we complain the guards joke and say we should eat and don’t understand that we’re trying to do something here.”



Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney 613-944-4875  to demand an end to indefinite detention in Canada.

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