Video: Enough is Enough! Rally to End Immigration Detention and Enforcement

On Feb 28th, four actions in four cities were organized across the country to demand an end to immigration enforcement and detention. In Toronto, we banged on the doors of Greater Toronto Enforcement Center, the largest immigration enforcement site in Canada responsible for immigration detention and over 40 deportations a day. We commemorated all of the migrants who have died in detention, died by suicide in the face of deportation, and fight alongside all of families who have been separated by immigration, who are living in sanctuary, and the hundreds of migrants detained indefinitely.

With the support of over 10,000 people who have signed our petitions, we made our voices heard: Enough is Enough! Migrant Dignity not Migrant Death! End Immigration Detention!


Toronto Star: Immigration Advocates Plan Day of Action in Four Cities to Demand Accountable Border Enforcement

See photos of the action in Vancouver:

Migrant Strike: 
March marks the 6-month anniversary of the historic migrant strike in Lindsay Ontario against endless detentions and maximum security incarceration. Striking migrants have faced reprisals with many deported, locked-up in segregation, moved to other prisons, and denied access to legal counsel. Since 2004, there have been 8,838-14,362 migrant detentions per year in Canada. Over a third of these, like the detainees in Lindsay, are held in maximum-security provincial prisons. Canada is one of the only ‘Western’ countries to indefinitely detain people. This means that some immigration detainees have been unjustly locked away, without charge, for nearly ten years:

Justice for Lucia: February 28 marks the two-month anniversary of the death of Lucia Vega Jimenez’s while under CBSA custody. Lucia attempted suicide while in immigration enforcement custody awaiting deportation. She died 8 days later on December 28, 2013. CBSA kept her death a secret. Though a coroner’s inquest was recently ordered, organizers continue to demand civilian oversight of immigration enforcement. Over the past five years there have been a number of migrant deaths in detention, while awaiting deportation, or upon deportation. These include Jan Szamko, Habtom Kibreab, Walji family, Hossein Blujani, Lucia Vega Jimenez, Grise, and Veronica Castro:

Justice for Awan Family: On February 27th, it will have been six months that Khurshid Begum Awan took sanctuary in a Montreal church. In August 2013, she made the courageous decision to defy a removal order which would have seen her returned to Pakistan, where she faces targeted violence, lack of access to appropriate medical care, and indefinite separation from her daughter and grandson, who live in Montreal. The practice of sanctuary represents community resistance to violent and unjust immigration

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