REPORT: The Truth about Immigration Detention in Canada Revealed

In 2013, over 8,000 people spent 183,928 days in prison, equal to 504 years in total. That includes children. Without trial or charge. At a cost of $45 million dollars. What’s going on?

See for stunning infographics and some answers.

The exposé by End Immigration Detention Network shows disturbing discrepancies between different decision makers responsible for releasing migrants. At the same time, the report highlights suspicious ‘consistencies’ between decision makers and suggests political interference in decision-making is to blame.

Titled ‘Indefinite, arbitrary and unfair: The truth about immigration detention in Canada’, analyzes federal immigration detention and release trends obtained through dozens of Privacy Act requests over the last year.

The report is being launched as over 100 detainees in three maximum-security prisons in Ontario boycott their detention reviews.

Nearly 80,000 immigrants have been detained under the current federal government. Over a third of the immigrants detained at any time are held in one of 142 mostly maximum-security prisons across Canada. Canada is one of the few countries in the “west” that does not have a limit on detention pending deportation.


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Demands by detainees

1 – Release all migrant detainees who have been held for longer than 90 days.

2 – End arbitrary and indefinite detention: Implement a 90-day limit on detentions pending deportation. If removal cannot happen within 90 days, immigration detainees must be released.

3 – No maximum security holds: Immigration detainees should not be held in maximum security provincial jails; must have access to basic services and be close to family members.

4 – Overhaul the adjudication process: Give migrants fair and full access to legal aid, bail programs and pro bono representation.

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