Migrant justice organizers use 10 feet tall scales of injustice to lock down Border Control Headquarters in Ottawa. No Justice in Immigration Detention!

Friday 6Migrant justice activists from Guelph, Toronto and Ottawa have locked down the headquarters of Public Safety Canada, disrupting unfair detentions and deportations. A ten feet tall, golden Scales of Injustice with a sign stating: No Justice in Immigration Detention is now chained to the entrance of 269 Laurier Avenue West.

Check out the pictures

Prime Minister Harper and Public Safety Minister Blaney allow an unfair and biased justice system to lock up migrants, so today the Scales of Injustice are locking out border officers. People are being jailed for years on end, in one case for 10 years, without trial or charges. Children are either jailed or separated from their parents. Our recent report (www.truthaboutdetention.com) shows that political interference might be responsible. That’s utterly outrageous.

Today we installed a symbolic, imbalanced scale to remind Harper and Blaney that justice is something we all believe in and fight for, not something that the Tories can play fast and loose with. Jailed migrants, held for up to a decade without trial or charges, are taking courageous risks to show us how blatantly unjust the system is. Right now, over 100 immigrants jailed in three different maximum security prisons are boycotting their detention review hearings insisting they are stacked against them.

Migrants in a maximum security prison have been protesting their unfair imprisonment since September 2013. They have gone on hunger strike, two of them for 65 days. Detainees are demanding an end to indefinite detention, immigrant imprisonment in maximum security prisons, and an overhaul of the Detention Review process. Detainee profiles and audio statements can be found at https://endimmigrationdetention.com/category/from-detainees/.

Today’s lockdown shows that its time for us on the outside to escalate our actions. Harper and Blaney act as if their law and order agenda has the monopoly on justice. But justice arises in our communities through struggle and through concerted effort. We are claiming justice back.

End Immigration Detention! No One Is Illegal! Status for All!

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