Update: Immigration Detainees take part in prison walk-out

We can now confirm that last Monday immigration detainees as well as general population inmates at the Central East Correctional Center, in Lindsay ON took direct action and collectively refused to go back into their cells when they were instructed to by prison guards. Inmates were protesting the fact that guard shortages over the summer have led to continuous lockdowns; sometimes spanning for days on end. Inmates argue that these conditions are inhumane and that guard shortages should not affect their quality of life while in jail. The protest lasted several hours and was ended after a prison negotiator was brought in to get inmates to go back into  their cells. However, the majority of the inmates were left frustrated and unsatisfied as the prison negotiator did not speak to individuals demanding an end to lockdowns and chose to speak to a small number of inmates who changed the focus and were asking for items to be brought into the jail. Following the protest, some ranges were once again put on lockdown for two days. Inmates including immigration detainees are talking of hosting another walk-out if conditions do not change in the near future.

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