REUNITE: Families for Families in Detention

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Immigrant detainees are being held indefinitely and without charge or trial in Lindsay’s maximum security jail. Unlike many of us, this Family Day, they will not be reuniting with their families. In fact, they are unable to see their families on most other days because Lindsay is inaccessible by public transport.

On February 16th, bring your family, young and old – sisters, fathers, sons, grandmothers and friends – and stand in solidarity with hundreds of families that are impacted by indefinite migrant detention, and the 100,000 more separated by detention over the past 8 years.

Where: The Central East Correctional Facility in Lindsay Ontario
When: 4:00pm (buses leaving from Toronto, Peterborough, Guelph – scroll below to register and for details)

Everyone should be able to be with the people they love every day!

Canadian Immigration policy divides families. Only 5,000 parents or grandparents are admissible under family sponsorship, and their families must meet a minimum income bracket which is extremely high. Migrant workers come here to work, but cannot bring their families with them, even those that come to take care of children here in Canada. Parents held in indefinite detention are given the impossible choice of either giving their children up to social services or keeping them in detention. Federal immigration’s limited definition of what a family is means that many of us can never unite with those we love and call family. Families are torn apart by by indefinite detention and deportation – often times families are not even given a chance to say goodbye before a deportation.

This Family Day weekend, join us outside Lindsay jail with your families and friends to demand an end to an immigration system that criminalizes refugees, imprisons immigrants, exploits migrant workers, punishes poor people of colour, tears families apart, and prevents communities from reuniting. Demand the immediate establishment of a non-discriminatory, non-punitive, full and comprehensive immigrant regularization system. Demand freedom for the wrongly jailed, and an end to indefinite, arbitrary detention, with a 90 day maximum holding period for immigrant detainees pending deportation. Demand an end to maximum security holds, and a fair judicial review process.

Watch a video of 16 month old Alpha who has been in immigration prison his entire life; hear from fathers who are separated from their children and families; and learn more about the Campaign to End Indefinite Detention.

Coordinated by the Youth Committee of the End Immigration Detention Network

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