Prisoner Justice Day 2015: Justice for Abdi! End Immigration Detention!

pjdImmigration detention petition delivery to Ontario Corrections Minister, Yasir Naqvi, on Prisoner Justice Day

August 10, 2015, 10am, Prisoner’s Justice Day
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
25 Grosvenor Street (Close to Wellesley Station)

It’s been two months since Abdurrahman Ibrahim Hassan (Abdi) died in immigration detention custody after being ‘restrained’ by police and border officials – and still no Coroner’s Inquest has been called in to his death. Join us on August 10th, Prisoner’s Justice Day to demand justice for Abdi, and an end to immigration detention in Ontario and across the country.

We will be delivering this petition initiated by 88 immigration detainees in the Central East Corrections Centre in Lindsay and


Who is Abdi and why the Ontario Correction Ministry?

Abdi was a 39 year old Somali refugee who was denied permanent residency in Canada because of his mental illness, and subsequently had his refugee status revoked. He was imprisoned in immigration detention for three years without charges or trial, one of which was in segregation cut off from most human contact. He was denied adequate medical services for his diabetes and his mental health illnesses. He was moved to Peterborough Regional Hospital from a maximum security prison in early June and on June 11th he died after being ‘restrained’ by prison and border officials according to a press release by SIU.

A Coroner’s inquest is mandatory in deaths caused by unnatural causes under Section 10 of the Coroner’s Act. Abdi is the 12th person to die in immigration detention custody since 2000, and a Coroner’s inquest is required to find out why Abdi died, and to ensure that such deaths do not continue. Over 2,000 migrants are detained in Ontario prisons each year, where the vast majority of deaths have taken place. Ontario is paid by the Federal government to detain immigrants, and is directly profiting from their deaths.

What is Prisoner’s Justice Day?

The deaths of Edward Nalon on August 10th 1974 and the subsequent death of Robert Landers in May of 1976, both occurring in the segregation unit of Millhaven Prison, are the catalyst for Prisoner’s Justice Day. Prisoners in Millhaven institution marked the first anniversary of Edward Nolan’s death on August 10th, 1975 by going on a hunger strike and a day of mourning. Prisoner’s Justice Day was officially recognized as a memorial on August 10th, 1976 the following year.

Prisoners across Canada now mark August 10th as Prisoner’s Justice Day to mourn their brothers and sisters killed and mistreated in incarceration.

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