#MigrantStrike Day 3: My name is Patrick and I’m calling from the Lindsay institution.

My name is Patrick and I’m calling from the Lindsay institution.

We are going on hunger strike at this moment right now.

We are in this together, we gotta make this happen cause we’re really really tired of being in here. We can’t take this no more.
Nothing has been done, after all these years.

Everyday we’re looking forward to changes to come and we don’t know when they’re actually going to happen.

And right now, we’re tired. We’re all tired of being in here. We can see nothing has been for the whole of this year, for all those years we’ve been detained and in jail.

I’m one of the longest. Nearly I’ve been in for over two years and six months. They’ve been trying to deport me back to my motherland in Ivory Coast but I don’t know when this is actually going to take place.

I want the media to know what we’re going through in jail. The pain, the struggle and suffering…

We want the media to take action, to do something about this, for the public to get our attention as well.

We want to see some changes for the better. That’s what we’re protesting for. We’re protesting because we want to have a change.
We want to have our freedom as well. That’s the main reason we are doing this.

We don’t know when this hunger strike is going to end but today is the first day but we are all doing this.


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