Another death at the Central East Correctional Center

On December 15th, Soleiman Faqiri a Ca15995191_222521801542033_7142870867000185252_onadian citizen, was pronounced dead after spending 11 days at the Central East Correctional Center. Soleiman, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, was awaiting a transfer to a mental health facility leading up to his death. During this time, he was denied visits from his family without any explanation. lt has been almost two months and the family has received no answers and had to find out from a report released by the Kawartha police that he died after an altercation with the guards.

A year and a half ago Abdurahman lbrahim Hassan, an immigration detainee
who was also diagnosed with mental health issues died while in this exact prison without any answers in respects to his death.

Why was Soleiman denied visits during his short time at the CECC?
Why has the family yet to receive any sort of response from the prison or the minister of public safety?

Questions need to be answered. Both of these men need justice. Although Soleiman Faqiri was not an immigration detainee, his death is a reminder of the violence everyone faces while in prison, especially those with mental health issues. He reminds us that we must work to not only end immigration detention but to re-imagine a world without prisons and work to make this vision happen.

We stand in solidarity with Soleiman Faqiri and his family and are asking people to

 attend his vigil on Wednesday at Nathan Philips Square at 6pm to bring attention to his death.

Family and friends are also asking for people to sign a petition to seek accountability in his death from Marie France-Lalonde the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

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