Write to Detainees

You can send letters of support inside the prison walls. Below is a list of detainees being held in Lindsay Ontario that have spoken up against the immigration detention system and have consented to receiving mail. 

LINDSAY (541 Hwy 36, Lindsay, ON K9V 4S6)

Ali Kanuteh (Gambia)

Ebrahim Toure (Gambia)

Thomas Nti (Ghana)

Olunkunle Adetunji (Nigeria)

Ali Adongo (Ghana)

Musab Mohamed (Sudan)

Godday Dadzie (Ivory Coast)

Ming Zhao

TORONTO EAST (55 Civic Rd, Scarborough, ON M1L 2K9)

Akin Akinsuyi (Nigeria)

When writing to the detainees, please let them know about our line number: 705-340-4432 . If the detainees write back with specific requests or information, please send that to migrantstrike@gmail.com. You can get the latest updates on the campaign on this website, so please let folks on the inside know what we are doing on the outside.

Write to the detainees at:

Central East Correctional Centre
541 Highway 36 Lindsay, ON
PO Box 4500
K9V 4S6

Prisons are notorious for censoring mail, especially mail with perceived political or “anti-social” content. There is no guarantee that messages will make it inside. However, prisoners say that receiving mail is an incredible way for them to feel supported by and connected to the outside world. So let’s try! Keep messages simple, direct, and “clean” (no cuss words).

We can still express our support for the strike with phone calls to prison and immigration officials.