May Day Rally to End Immigration Detention

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“On May 1st, International Workers Day, we will march to reclaim May Day for just people’s struggles and to Honour Our Communities. We are unified in our fight against poverty and capitalism. We oppose attacks on rights and income of workers, irrespective of status. We demand an end to immigration detention because no one is illegal. We will continue our support for Indigenous peoples’ movements for self-determination. We oppose colonialism. We are in solidarity with struggles against Canadian imperialism. We insist on an end to environmental destruction. We resist patriarchy, racism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia both in our day-to-day work and as larger systems of oppression. Join Us!”

Coverage in NOW Toronto:

Photo from NOW Toronto: End Immigration Detention
Photo from NOW Toronto: End Immigration Detention

End Immigration Detention! Public Forum

eid forum toronto

March 26, 2014, 6:30pm
Room 2-212, 252 Bloor West, OISE, Toronto
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* MARTIN SISAY, released after 32 months in detention, on organizing the historical and ongoing migrant strike.
* MARU MORA, Latino Advocacy in Seattle Washington, on 1,200 migrants on hunger strike in North West Detention Centre near Tacoma in the United States since March 7th.
* TAREK LOUBANI, Physcian, jailed for 7 weeks in a Cairo prison. Read about his visit to Lindsay jail here.
* TINGS CHAK, organizer No One Is Illegal – Toronto and the End Immigration Detention Network
* MACDONALD SCOTT, Immigration Consultant, Immigration Legal Committee of the Law Union of Ontario.

Got time after the panel? We will be letter-writing to detainees, and making art for a creative action.

Wheelchair accessible, snacks, tokens and child-minding provided, we’re unfortunately not able to provide ASL interpretation.

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Video: Enough is Enough! Rally to End Immigration Detention and Enforcement

On Feb 28th, four actions in four cities were organized across the country to demand an end to immigration enforcement and detention. In Toronto, we banged on the doors of Greater Toronto Enforcement Center, the largest immigration enforcement site in Canada responsible for immigration detention and over 40 deportations a day. We commemorated all of the migrants who have died in detention, died by suicide in the face of deportation, and fight alongside all of families who have been separated by immigration, who are living in sanctuary, and the hundreds of migrants detained indefinitely.

With the support of over 10,000 people who have signed our petitions, we made our voices heard: Enough is Enough! Migrant Dignity not Migrant Death! End Immigration Detention!


Toronto Star: Immigration Advocates Plan Day of Action in Four Cities to Demand Accountable Border Enforcement

Family Day ‘Projection Bomb’ on Immigration and Refuge Board Building in Toronto and Guelph Banner Drop

Families of those held unjustly in immigration detention didn’t get to celebrate ‘Family Day’ yesterday. In support of these families and those in detention, we projected a massive image on to the border control offices at 74 Victoria Street where decisions to detain and deport migrants are made every day.

Make sure to join us on Feb 28 Rally at Canada Border Services Agency Headquarters and read the letter that inspired this action.

Scroll below for Banner Drop in Guelph.


Behind-the-scenes setting up the projection bomb.
Behind-the-scenes setting up the projection bomb.
Family Day Banner Drop in Guelph


Feb 28 Rally posterFebruary 28, 2014
Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre, Border Agency HQ, 6900 Airport Road
1:45pm. Buses leave Bloor & St George at 12:30pm, Kipling Station Parking at 1pm

February 28th marks the two-month anniversary of Lucia Vega Jimenez’s attempted suicide while in immigration enforcement custody awaiting deportation. She died 8 days later. February also marks the five-month anniversary of the historic migrant strike in Lindsay ON against endless detentions, maximum security incarceration and a broken detention review system.

Get on the bus! Confirm your seat: If you are coming from Guelph please contact for a ride.

Sign the petition to support an end to indefinite immigration detention:

Sign the petition to support an independent civilian inquiry into Lucia Vega Jimenez’s death:

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is shrouded in secrecy and for too long they have operated with impunity. On February 28th we will be at the Greater Toronto Enforcement Center, the largest immigration enforcement site in Canada responsible for immigration detention and over 40 deportations a day We will stand outside those doors and hold the CBSA accountable for the death of Lucia Vega Jimenez and everyone else who has died or suffered at the hands of border enforcement.

MIGRANT STRIKE: On September 17th nearly 200 migrant detainees in the Central East Correctional Centre, Lindsay ON began protest actions which captured widespread attention. Detainees have gone on hunger strike (some of them for 65 days), refused to enter their cells, boycotted their detention reviews, and organized other political actions. In retaliation, immigration enforcement deported some key strike organizers, moved others into prisons across Ontario, and locked up hunger strikers in segregation. Yet the strike continues. On December 14th last year, three busloads of families and supporters of immigration detainees drove hours through snow squalls to support these migrants. On Feb 28, we are taking the fight to immigration enforcement’s doorsteps.

Since 2004, there have been 8,838-14,362 migrant detentions per year in Canada. Over a third of these, like Lucia and the ones in Lindsay, are held in maximum-security provincial prisons. Canada is one of the only ‘Western’ countries to indefinitely detain people; there is no so-called ‘presumptive period’ on how long a migrant can be jailed pending deportation. This means that some immigration detainees have been unjustly locked away for nearly ten years.

Lucia Vega Jimenez’s death is the latest in a series of suicides, deaths and discrimination at the hands of the CBSA and immigration policy. Just recently, Mohamed, Shyroz and Qyzra Walji killed themselves rather than be deported a day after meeting with enforcement officers. Mr De Souza, a Toronto resident for 25 years, passed away on January 18th and his family was denied City of Toronto funding for a subsidized funeral simply because Mr. De Souza was undocumented. The City asked Mr. De Souza’s family to declare the body abandoned. On Feb 10th 2014, Avery Edison, a British comedian, was denied entry at Pearson airport and was then detained in a male prison, potentially vulnerable to sexual assault and attacks due to her status as a transgender woman.

The CBSA locks people up then throws away the key. Canada’s immigration policies fracture families and communities and deny many the freedom to move and to live. This requires resistance and response. Join us on February 28th as we crank up the pressure. Bring your friends. Bring your rage.

For more information on the strike and detention of migrants in Canada, see //

Solidarity Fast with Striking Detainees Dec 14th

In response to our call for a demonstration on the outside, immigration detainees in Lindsay will be initiating their own 24hr fast inside on December 14th, 2013. Because of this, we have called for a 24hr global solidarity fast to accompany the protest at Lindsay Jail. Please take a photograph of yourself if you are fasting in solidarity with those inside and send it to (And if you’re in Ontario.. GET ON THE BUS TO LINDSAY!)

Latest statements of solidarity.


Vanessa Gray
Vanessa Gray
Karen, Queer Action Niagara
Karen, Queer Action Niagara
Nona, Queer Action Niagara
Dennis, Queer Action Niagara
Dennis Kelly & Nona
Dennis Kelly & Nona
Szara (Anakbayan-Toronto)
Szara (Anakbayan-Toronto)
James Franze

DSC_0510Wife, mother and family friend of Clifford Adjei

DSC_0515Mohammed Mjasiri, father of Amin Mjasiri who was on hunger strike for 65 days.

1001289_10153559118960386_492375117_nDavid, London

kj migrant strikeKim

MandyDec14th24hourfastMandy, Guelph

Joshguelph24hourfastDec14Josh, Guelph

Photo on 2013-12-11 at 21.37Rachelle, Peterborough

IMG_7349Amee, Toronto

enddetention_dec14Victoria, Toronto

Hunger Strike 1Kitty, Toronto

Hunger Strike 2Brendan, Toronto

14DecHussan, Toronto

Get on the bus! End Immigration Detention! 24hr solidarity fast!

Get on the Bus Poster - 24 hr solidarity fastlCall for 24hour solidarity fast with immigration detainees: In response to our call for a demonstration on the outside, immigration detainees in Lindsay will be initiating their own 24hr fast inside on December 14th, 2013. Because of this, we are now calling for a 24hr global solidarity fast to accompany the protest at Lindsay Jail. Details follow.

On September 17th, 2013, 191 migrant detainees began a hunger strike in Lindsay, Ontario’s Central East Correctional Centre. This was the largest immigrant detainee hunger strike in Canadian history. Representing 600 or more people held by Canada immigration on a given day, and representing up to a hundred or more held on a long-term basis, these men began fighting back.

Demanding that they either be removed or released within 90 days of being detained, they inspired people on the outside to create the End Indefinite Immigration Detention Network. The detainees are also demanding an end to maximum-security incarceration and an overhaul in the detention adjudication process.

Join us on December 14th in Lindsay, ON to support these calls – buses depart from all over Ontario.

> Get on the bus! Scroll below to confirm your seat (snacks available for people that aren’t fasting)

> Join the 24hr solidarity fast, 12:01am – 11:59pm, Sat Dec 14. Take a photo committing to participate in advance and email it to See here for photos!

Toronto: Depart 11am, return 4:30pm from Christie Pits Park
Kitchener: Depart 9am. Duke Street behind Kitchener City Hall
Guelph: Depart 9:45am, return 4:30pm from City Hall

The fences that surround these detainees are dividing them from their communities, their families and their lives. It is time for these fences to come down.

Most countries in the world have a limit to how long they can hold someone in order to remove them, including the United States and the entire European Union. However, Canada is a rogue nation. Despite the United Nations directive stating that every country must have such a limit, Canada continues to hold migrants in jail for as long as ten years! Detainees are separated from their families, children and communities with no release in sight.

These people are serving time on administrative grounds, namely their removal. If they have convictions, they have served their time. Deporting people after they have done their time is double punishment. Unlike people being held until a criminal trial, or serving time once sentenced, these detainees do not know when they will be released and face a bail or release process where they have to prove that they should be released.

These detainees have said enough is enough. Release us after ninety days so we can return to our families, our jobs and communities. Many of the detainees stopped hunger striking (two remained on hunger strike for more than 60 days) after Canada Immigration placed strikers in the hole and removed organizers to other jails.

However, the detainees remain defiant and plan further actions in the near future. They continue to demand that those in jail past 90 days be immediately removed, that they be moved to lower security facilities (at the CCEC they have a poor diet, little access to medical or legal or cultural specific services, little outdoor time and are on lockdown much of day) and that the entire adjudication process be overhauled.

Join us in a show of support and solidarity on Saturday December 14th. Bring your friends. Bring your families. Bring your voices.

For more information on the strike and detention of migrants in Canada, see

Email: //

We have lost touch with Amin Mjasiri who is on Day 57 of his hunger strike. Please sign this petition!

MjasiriFamily gravely concerned about son on hunger strike
Mjasiri family and supporters have not heard from Amin Mjasiri who has been on hunger strike for almost 60 days

Toronto, Ontario – Immigration detainee Amin Mjasiri, detained for over 28 months, has been on hunger strike in the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario for 57 days. Neither family, supporters nor legal counsel have heard from Amin in almost two weeks and concerns are growing for his well being. Amin has been kept in segregation for nearly 40 days. Today, Amin’s family are launching a petition calling on Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to release him and those in indefinite detention.


“My wife and I have not been in touch with our son, Amin Mjasiri, for weeks. He has been on hunger strike in segregation for almost 60 days, and we do not know how he is doing” says Amin’s father Mohamed Mjasiri. “Our family is extremely concerned about his well-being, and we are urging Prime Minister Harper to intervene before we lose our son. Holding him in detention indefinitely is of no benefit to him, his family or the general public. Today, we are launching a petition urging others across Canada to join in our request.”

Amin is striking in order to protest his indefinite immigration detention and is calling for his freedom. For this he has been punished by spending the past 40 days in solitary confinement.
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Day 36 VIDEO: We will not be locked up and forgotten! #MigrantStrike goes to the UN

Michael Mvogo has been locked up in a maximum security prison for seven years. Canada cannot remove him, but will not release him. Refusing to be forgotten, Mr Mvogo joined #MigrantStrike with over 190 other detainees at Lindsay Central East Correctional Centre on September 16th.

Together, immigration detainees are opposing Harper’s prison policy. They are demanding that Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney either remove them within 90 days or release them.

Earlier this morning, Mr Mvogo filed a complaint with the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions at the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights demanding an end to his indefinite detention. If he succeeds in forcing Canada to establish a ‘presumptive period’, indefinite immigration detention could end!


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